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DataComm Services


2 fundamentals factor of effective data communications are High Availability & Low Latency.

With our own multiple submarine and in land cable system, First Media Business always delivers excellent services of data comm with the highest reliability, lowest latency, and continuously become preference partner for Industry leaders

Explore more about our Data Comm technology and advanced features that will give benefits to your business.

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First Media Business has a strong portfolio on provisioning highly secured Data Comm and advanced network infrastructure for :

Financial Services, Hospitality, Telecomunication, Government and Public Services, Media & Entertainment, Energy & Resources.

Internet Services


To stay current and competitive, many companies are conducting business online, moving application and data to the cloud, and equipping the organization with digital tools that give instant insights of business performance or realtime report from branches or warehouse.

Enjoy a full utilization of uninterrupted internet access at any capacity.

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Benefits :

Optimize and ease of transaction and operation.

Reach more market locally and globally.

Improve ability and support digital transformation for business.

VSAT Services


Optimite access to, from and within remote area with our VSAT Services. A satellite can also focus on a particular high density region and multiple satellites can work together to provide global coverage. This is very useful for remote locations (rural areas, ships and coastal regions, hills, etc) where there is limited or no terrestrial connectivity.

Stay connected and optimize business performance.

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Benefits :

Better communication with remote area.

Improve performance.